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Why Detailed Reporting For Companies With Crypto Matters

Coinbooks Team
Published on:
December 9, 2022

Why is accounting software built specifically for crypto important?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained increasing popularity in recent years, with more and more companies starting to use them as a means of payment or as an investment. This has led to the need for better accounting and reporting tools for companies that use crypto, as traditional accounting software may not be equipped to handle the unique characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

One such tool is Coinbooks, an enterprise-grade accounting software specifically designed for companies with crypto on their balance sheet. Coinbooks offers a range of features that make it easy for companies to connect, unify, and export all of their crypto activity to their existing accounting software, as well as generate customizable reports.

Why are reports even more important for crypto than traditional assets?

First, detailed reporting is essential for complying with tax laws and regulations. Because the use of cryptocurrencies is still evolving, the tax treatment of crypto transactions can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific circumstances. By using a tool like Coinbooks, companies can ensure that they have a clear and accurate record of their crypto activity, which can help them comply with tax laws and avoid penalties.

Second, detailed reporting is important for making informed business decisions. By tracking and reporting on their crypto activity, companies can gain a better understanding of their crypto holdings and transactions, which can help them make more informed decisions about their use of cryptocurrencies.

Third, detailed reporting is important for providing transparency to investors and other stakeholders. Because cryptocurrencies are a relatively new and unregulated asset class, there is often a lack of understanding and trust among investors and other stakeholders. By using a tool like Coinbooks to track and report on their crypto activity, companies can provide greater transparency and clarity about their use of cryptocurrencies, which can help build trust and confidence among stakeholders.

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How can Coinbooks help?

Coinbooks helps companies meet these reporting needs by offering a range of features specifically designed for crypto accounting. For example, Coinbooks allows users to easily connect and consolidate all of their crypto wallets and exchanges, so that they can see a complete picture of their crypto holdings and transactions. This makes it easy for users to track their crypto balances, as well as calculate and report on their realized and unrealized gains and losses.

In addition to providing a clear overview of a company's crypto activity, Coinbooks also offers customizable reports that can be tailored to the specific needs of the user. This includes profit and loss statements, transaction expenses, impairment expenses and more, all of which can be generated with just a few clicks.

Overall, Coinbooks is a valuable tool for companies that use crypto. It offers a range of features that make it easy to track and report on crypto activity, helping businesses comply with regulations, make informed decisions, and provide transparency to investors and other stakeholders.

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