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Why we started this company and why does that matter?

Coinbooks Team
Published on:
October 15, 2022

Firstly, why?

One word: invention. Coinbooks is not just a tech startup. It's a mission to make something a lot of people want, at scale. True invention is the one that changes lives forever -- this usually comes in the form of inventing a multi-decade hyper-growth tech startup. Bringing innovative tech to the world is the reason our founding team came together. We're technologists who love new technology and care deeply about our users.

We live in crypto-economy. Crypto, as a technology, is bound to change the face of how businesses operate. It brings a new/open financial system that is faster and more efficient. To fuel this new technology and a better/more open financial system, we need a new set of B2B products that enable more businesses to move into web 3. Sam Altman talks about the importance of building a hard startup -- hard problems are taken on by ambitious founding teams. And that's also one of the reasons our team united.

If we want more businesses to be a part of crypto-economy, we need a set of tools that enable compliance/accounting/tax/payroll/invoicing. That's exactly where Coinbooks comes in. We're building a company with builders from all sorts of backgrounds, who make great coworkers and who share and exemplify a few core values: people who are humble, respectful, love startups, and ready to roll up their sleeves and get important work done for our users:)

So... why does this matter?

We fundamentally believe that great products are built by companies that care really really deeply about their users. They obsess over every single line of code, customer feedback, and move fast to ensure their customers are having the best experience ever.

At this point, Coinbooks serves hundreds of enterprises, exchanges, chains, funds, and scale-ups -- every single business needs fundamental pieces of compliance and Coinbooks can help ensure you're able to set up a proper crypto accounting software in place for compliance. We're hoping that we can share an authentic "why" behind the company and it helps you, the reader, choose the right software and a team/company that will go above and beyond to ensure you have the best product in place.

Cryptocurrency accounting can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for businesses that have digital assets on their balance sheet (or plan to get started with crypto). Without proper accounting, businesses may be unable to track their cryptocurrency transactions or report them accurately.

What can you do?

If your company has digital assets on the balance sheet or if you're hoping to have crypto on the balance sheet in the near future, go ahead and book a demo. We want to build the future of tech with you -- join us. We promise, this will be best experience you'll ever have with crypto accounting:)

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