Buildspace was able to handle Crypto accounting, Crypto payroll, and Crypto invoicing all at once

Buildspace is a web 3 EdTech company backed by Y Combinator, a16z, and more. They have more than 80,000 Crypto transactions and NFTs transacted per day and have raised over $12M in funding.

Key Stats


Buildspace needed an end-to-end solution for managing Crypto accounting, Crypto payroll, and Crypto invoicing side of things. Reconciliation process was extremely expensive for them and sending/receiving Crypto payments caused hours of manual work. They had to go back and forth with their contractors to ensure the right amount, the right token, and the right public address.

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Sync with your fiat accounting software

Access Custom account mapping between your Coinbooks account and your fiat accounting software

Sync with Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite and more with one click

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"We have transactions "

— Lucas Mondora, founder,

Solutions & Result

Buildspace chose Coinbooks as the go-to platform to manage all their Crypto accounting, Crypto payroll, and Crypto invoicing needs. They can now seamlessly reconcile Crypto transactions. Farza, the CEO of Buildspace, can now run Crypto payroll in one click to mass pay all their employees and contractors. He also just receives an invoice that he can (mass)pay in the required token to all his contractors.
Farza was able to save 10+ hours per week.

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"Love using Coinbooks. They save us hours on closing monthly books. They automate categorizing and sync with our fiat accounting software, which is extremely useful."

— Joher Khan, COO, Thirdweb