Fondo was able to service their Crypto clients

Fondo is an accounting firm that provides corporate taxes, tax credits, and bookkeeping services. They're trusted by Y Combinator and other companies in Silicon Valley.

Key Stats


Fondo unable to service their Crypto clients due to a lack of dedicated Crypto accounting software for companies. They tried using spreadsheets or consumer Crypto accounting software, but no tool worked for them. Additionally, they were unable to accept more clients due to the lack of a reliable tool.They needed a Crypto accounting software that was built for businesses and could help them scale from one client to tens of clients.

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"We have transactions "

— Lucas Mondora, founder,

Solutions & Result

Coinbooks was chosen by Fondo due to several reasons. One of the major reasons was the emphasis on providing a Crypto accounting software primarily for businesses, support for high volume of complex crypto transactions and the accuracy of data. Coinbooks acts as “Quickbooks for Crypto” for them. They’re seamlessly able to have similar features and functionalities through Coinbooks. They use QBO for all their clients and hence are able are able to seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks via Coinbooks. Especially considering that most of their clients have both Crypto and fiat on their balance sheet. With Coinbooks, they can close monthly books by integrating with Quickbooks.

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"Love using Coinbooks. They save us hours on closing monthly books. They automate categorizing and sync with our fiat accounting software, which is extremely useful."

— Joher Khan, COO, Thirdweb