NuCypher saves 20+ hours per week on Crypto accounting

NuCypher is the Cryptographic Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Applications. They have raised more than $26M to date.

Key Stats


NuCypher could not find a proper solution for their Crypto accounting needs and used an outsourced bookkeeping firm.After scaling to millions of Crypto transactions, they needed dedicated Crypto accounting software that could ensure the best reliability for closing monthly books. They use Quickbooks for their fiat transactions so they needed software that could sync with QBO.

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Access Custom account mapping between your Coinbooks account and your fiat accounting software

Sync with Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite and more with one click

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"We have transactions "

— Lucas Mondora, founder,

Solutions & Result

NuCypher chose Coinbooks because of its reliability and the ability to reconcile every transaction seamlessly. They can get Cost basis, realized/unrealized gains/losses, gas fees, impairment testing, and more.
Coinbooks provides them with an easy way to add rules for repetitive transactions, which allows them to auto-reconcile hundreds of thousands of transactions. They also needed a seamless way to integrate with QBO, which they could do with Coinbooks. Additional support for NFTs and more is also provided via Coinbooks.

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"Love using Coinbooks. They save us hours on closing monthly books. They automate categorizing and sync with our fiat accounting software, which is extremely useful."

— Joher Khan, COO, Thirdweb