Thirdweb's reduced their accounting ops costs by 25%

Thirdweb is a Series-A company headquartered in San Francisco. It has created a development toolkit to make it easier to build and launch web3 products such as blockchain games, NFTs, DAOs, marketplaces and more

Key Stats


Thirdweb's COO, Joher Khan, was faced with a challenge of trying to manually record every single transaction across every single wallet/exchange the company has. He tried multiple software solutions, but none of them could handle the scale. He was spending upwards of 10 hours per week on manually recording these transactions and eventually putting them up on their ERP, Netsuite.

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"We have transactions "

— Lucas Mondora, founder,

Solutions & Result

Thirdweb adopted Coinbooks as a dedicated crypto accounting software. They were able to save an upwards of 10+ hours per week and avoid wasting engineering resources on building something custom. They were able to handle reconciliation of crypto transactions across Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Coinbase, FTX, and more.

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"Love using Coinbooks. They save us hours on closing monthly books. They automate categorizing and sync with our fiat accounting software, which is extremely useful."

— Joher Khan, COO, Thirdweb